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I am Randi

Here are a few things that make up that statement: 

I am a photographer, artist, and brand designer with INFP and enneagram-4 tendencies in case anyone was wondering. My obsessions include but are not limited to: Titanic, Marilyn Monroe, dogs, The Kennedys, swimming, true crime/historical docs, and movies. I currently reside in Austin, TX with my perfect angel Yorkie baby named Elle.

I have several driving lines for why I do what I do; my first hope is to share with others the beauty and intricacies that have been laid out for us mere mortals and to channel it in a tangible way. Traveling and photographing people has helped me make that notion a reality. I'm addicted to the feeling of taking ideas and transferring it to an object by way of my hands with my design and calligraphy. I love the visual arts and want to spread them around with as many people as I can in as many ways as I can. 

The main thing I want to leave people within any connection we may have, is that they are all worth seeing, hearing, and knowing.

Not one second goes by that you are not loved.