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I am Randi

Here are a few things that make up that statement: 

I am a photographer, artist, and brand designer with INFP and enneagram-4 tendencies in case anyone was wondering. My obsessions include but are not limited to: Titanic, Marilyn Monroe, dogs, The Kennedys, swimming, true crime/historical docs, and movies. I currently reside in Austin, TX with my perfect angel Yorkie baby named Elle.

I have several driving lines for why I do what I do; my first hope is to share with others the beauty and intricacies that have been laid out for us mere mortals and to channel it in a tangible way. Traveling and photographing people has helped me make that notion a reality. I'm addicted to the feeling of taking ideas and transferring it to an object by way of my hands with my design and calligraphy. I love the visual arts and want to spread them around with as many people as I can in as many ways as I can. 

The main thing I want to leave people with, in any connection we may have, is that they are all worth seeing, hearing, and knowing.

Not one second goes by that you are not loved.