My dear sweet Jessa <3. I had the pleasure of working alongside her and the rest of the magnificent team at Anthropologie at the Domain. Jessa is one of the funnest, most down-to-earth gals I know, and obviously she has killer style. We had a lovely evening exploring Bull Creek a few weeks ago, and it just reinforced that April is my favorite month weather wise. Enjoy!

la la land

I went to the most wonderful City of Angels a couple months ago and forgot to expose the images to the interweb. Here they are now though. 

oh yeah I moved to austin

After 24 years in the LBK I made the permanent transition to the ATX and it's a real good time. Yep, that's about it in terms of things to catch up on. Here are some pics that were fun to take.


oh yeah I'm on etsy

I started an Etsy shop back in like October or something, and I kinda told Instagram about it but not Facebook or anything and I certainly didn't put it on here because that would mean that I actually kept up with a blog which is obviously a preposterous notion. 

Alas, I am informing the general social media public now that I have an Etsy shop! You can go like my new Facebook page or better yet, go check out the actual shop! Here are some of the newest items I have listed.

(Be advised, I largely have no idea what I'm doing)

lake again

More like, "Late Again," actually. Since these pics were from like three weeks ago, on our second lake trip of the season. These were good times in good waters.


chelsey lately

You know what I thought would be funny? If I started all my blog entries with

"Hey all you bloggers out there ..." 

because that's what Hilary Duff's character in The Perfect Man (2005) says in a voice over when she's writing her blogs about her mom making them move around all the time because she has bad luck with relationships and wants to run away from it, uprooting her two daughters from their schools and friends in the process. This attitude ultimately trickles down the bloodline to Holly, played by Duff, who tries to help her mom find happiness by creating a fictitious "perfect man," (real bright idea Lizzie McGuire). With the help of her new friend Adam, Holly tricks and deceives her mother into thinking she has a shot with this guy, and along the way, finds love for herself. Too scared of getting hurt though, Holly decides to nip her blossoming relationship with Adam in the bud and pack up and move, an act that comes all too natural for our young protagonist. Long story short she stays and presumably spends the rest of her life in the arms of dear sweet Adam. 

But I'm pretty sure if I did that you guys would think I was weird. 

Chelsey and I went out to Mae Simmons the other day, and wouldn't you know it, this drought-ending rain the South Plains has been getting turned a once peaceful and beautiful oasis in our town into a muddy mosquito infested mess. That's ohkay though, it made for some cool pics. Doesn't our darling Chels look ravishing in red lipstick??????????

mem day wknd


Oops. Sorry, life has really taken it's toll recently and my shooting has suffered greatly. I won't get into detail about it but the last few months have really had me struggling creatively. Some days it was tough to even get outta bed. Good news though, my mom's little yorkie dog Nikki has been my companion in these trying times and she comes in early and wakes me up with a few licks to the face. It's sweet. Long story short, I'm currently in the process of being patient and waiting on the Lord, learning how to be brave and make actual decisions that are not my will but His, and many other lessons that no amount of schooling has ever been able to adequately assess as far as I'm concerned. 

Anyway, moving on from the personal turmoil that I was actually hoping to avoid when I set out to write this blog, this may be a Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family (which you better believe I'm taking full advantage of), but last weekend was Memorial Day. We went to the lake and it was an incredibly fun, entirely relaxing, and completely necessary get away. Here's pics.


recent ceramix

Happy Almost Valentine's Day! You probably want chocolate and jewelry or something, but I don't have that so here are the recent-ish ceramic workings I've done instead!

Disclaimer: None of these works are for sale. 

film scans pt. 1

It's no secret that film is my favorite method of photography. Before I graduated, I made an effort to scan as many of my negatives as possible using the college's photo scanner, but I didn't even come close to getting them all done. Like, I was maybe halfway. Here are some of the ones I've managed to scan and edit. <3

final projects from my last semester

Almost all of the posts that I have featured on this blog for the last five or however many months were pretty much all working towards what is going to be published in this post, my final projects for my intermediate color and independent study in photo classes. I worked very hard on them and would like to thank every individual who allowed me to come into their homes and personal space to photograph them. Good news I got A's on both of these projects and am gonna keep pursuing this art, even if just for fun!

This is my stuff from intermediate color photography which I presented in the form of a print magazine. 

And now this is from my independent study in photography.

new year's eve

The weather did a weird thing this week and Lubbock is now covered in a car-sliding, flight-canceling, movie theater-closing sheet of ice. It first appeared on the eve of the new year 2015, and looked like this. 


corina again


Well, well, well. 2014 is coming to a screeching halt after an incredible whirlwind of a Christmas holiday, and one of my most favorites at that. So many wonderful things are happening. First, I had final projects that were rather time and wallet consuming, then I graduated with some of my best friends ever, then I worked so much that my hand nearly fell off (my job largely consists of writing names and quotes and drawing reindeer and holly leaves this time of year), and then I was hitting up tons of Christmas parties with friends and family, and then on Christmas Eve my mom got engaged (!!!:)!!!), and then now in just a few days my best friend (Corina, yes the one in the images below as if no one already knew) is hopping the pond to head to France for 9 months to be an au pair! Aaaaand I still haven't started looking for a job, uh hahaha? No matter, I decided I am giving myself a short little while to come down from all the lovely chaos of the season so as to not go insane. 

Oh! And I'm currently in the midst of transferring all my stuff from my laptop to my new iMac! So that's exciting. Anyhow, now to the original post, which I saved as a draft over a month ago. Oops. 

November 27, 2014

Here's more Corina because she always helps me with assignments last minute. <3


Here's Chelsey by herself before she was engaged. (Sry I'm so behind on posting things.)

And then here's some from previous projects too.


Would you just look at this little sunflower? What a lovely human being Jayne is, and what lovely light she has flooding in her home. Also, a special guest appearance was made in this shoot by Pepper, the dog Jayne was looking after at the time, and it's no secret that dogs really get the water works going for me. They're just so cute and loving and sweet. I managed to keep my cool though and get some good ones of Jayne and her golden hair in all their glory. Enjoy!

Oh, and here's another version of this one I turned in for my experimental project.

emily g.

Picture this: little Emily and little Randi running around in leotards doing flips and jumping on trampolines for the same gymnastics team, or, The Golden Years as I like to call them. I don't actually call them that as I was a very awkward child (still am), but flash forward something like eight years and Emily is now dating my boyfriend's best friend! My, how funny some things turn out. 

This girl is a one-of-a-kind, down-to-earth crazy person who will make you laugh at pretty much anything she says or does. She has helped me out with a few projects before with my darkroom class and I fully intend on scanning in those negatives and posting them later! 

Emily and I, like many others out there, share a love for the filmmaker Wes Anderson. Emily even has a rat (which you'll be able to see in a later post) named Kristofferson, like as in the cousin from "Fantastic Mr. Fox", so we decided to go to a supermarket like Fox and friends do in the movie. It was a bit difficult to find an aisle with little to no people, so we ended up in the dog food aisle which is kind of random but I like how they turned out regardless. We then ended up in her very cool apartment, she's an interior design major, duh.


and here are a couple from some earlier projects, the bottom of which my prof got a particular kick out of.