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Picture this: little Emily and little Randi running around in leotards doing flips and jumping on trampolines for the same gymnastics team, or, The Golden Years as I like to call them. I don't actually call them that as I was a very awkward child (still am), but flash forward something like eight years and Emily is now dating my boyfriend's best friend! My, how funny some things turn out. 

This girl is a one-of-a-kind, down-to-earth crazy person who will make you laugh at pretty much anything she says or does. She has helped me out with a few projects before with my darkroom class and I fully intend on scanning in those negatives and posting them later! 

Emily and I, like many others out there, share a love for the filmmaker Wes Anderson. Emily even has a rat (which you'll be able to see in a later post) named Kristofferson, like as in the cousin from "Fantastic Mr. Fox", so we decided to go to a supermarket like Fox and friends do in the movie. It was a bit difficult to find an aisle with little to no people, so we ended up in the dog food aisle which is kind of random but I like how they turned out regardless. We then ended up in her very cool apartment, she's an interior design major, duh.


and here are a couple from some earlier projects, the bottom of which my prof got a particular kick out of. 

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