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Well, well, well. 2014 is coming to a screeching halt after an incredible whirlwind of a Christmas holiday, and one of my most favorites at that. So many wonderful things are happening. First, I had final projects that were rather time and wallet consuming, then I graduated with some of my best friends ever, then I worked so much that my hand nearly fell off (my job largely consists of writing names and quotes and drawing reindeer and holly leaves this time of year), and then I was hitting up tons of Christmas parties with friends and family, and then on Christmas Eve my mom got engaged (!!!:)!!!), and then now in just a few days my best friend (Corina, yes the one in the images below as if no one already knew) is hopping the pond to head to France for 9 months to be an au pair! Aaaaand I still haven't started looking for a job, uh hahaha? No matter, I decided I am giving myself a short little while to come down from all the lovely chaos of the season so as to not go insane. 

Oh! And I'm currently in the midst of transferring all my stuff from my laptop to my new iMac! So that's exciting. Anyhow, now to the original post, which I saved as a draft over a month ago. Oops. 

November 27, 2014

Here's more Corina because she always helps me with assignments last minute. <3

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