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mem day wknd


Oops. Sorry, life has really taken it's toll recently and my shooting has suffered greatly. I won't get into detail about it but the last few months have really had me struggling creatively. Some days it was tough to even get outta bed. Good news though, my mom's little yorkie dog Nikki has been my companion in these trying times and she comes in early and wakes me up with a few licks to the face. It's sweet. Long story short, I'm currently in the process of being patient and waiting on the Lord, learning how to be brave and make actual decisions that are not my will but His, and many other lessons that no amount of schooling has ever been able to adequately assess as far as I'm concerned. 

Anyway, moving on from the personal turmoil that I was actually hoping to avoid when I set out to write this blog, this may be a Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family (which you better believe I'm taking full advantage of), but last weekend was Memorial Day. We went to the lake and it was an incredibly fun, entirely relaxing, and completely necessary get away. Here's pics.

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