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You know what I thought would be funny? If I started all my blog entries with

"Hey all you bloggers out there ..." 

because that's what Hilary Duff's character in The Perfect Man (2005) says in a voice over when she's writing her blogs about her mom making them move around all the time because she has bad luck with relationships and wants to run away from it, uprooting her two daughters from their schools and friends in the process. This attitude ultimately trickles down the bloodline to Holly, played by Duff, who tries to help her mom find happiness by creating a fictitious "perfect man," (real bright idea Lizzie McGuire). With the help of her new friend Adam, Holly tricks and deceives her mother into thinking she has a shot with this guy, and along the way, finds love for herself. Too scared of getting hurt though, Holly decides to nip her blossoming relationship with Adam in the bud and pack up and move, an act that comes all too natural for our young protagonist. Long story short she stays and presumably spends the rest of her life in the arms of dear sweet Adam. 

But I'm pretty sure if I did that you guys would think I was weird. 

Chelsey and I went out to Mae Simmons the other day, and wouldn't you know it, this drought-ending rain the South Plains has been getting turned a once peaceful and beautiful oasis in our town into a muddy mosquito infested mess. That's ohkay though, it made for some cool pics. Doesn't our darling Chels look ravishing in red lipstick??????????

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