lindsey, elisabeth, taylor, & alyssa

No, blog, I have not abandoned thee! 

It's a tale as old as time, but yes, school and work and life in general have sadly pushed the upkeep of the blog to the back of my mind. However, I have been determined to make at least one more post in the month of October and I'm finally getting around to this one that I have been so excited to share! 

These four absolutely lovely ladies were so kind to let me photograph them on a rainy Saturday morning and I love them all dearly. Taylor and I have known each other since like 2nd grade and lived together for a total of about a year and a half throughout our college careers (and if you know my history with living arrangements then you know that's a pretty long time). Elisabeth, Lindsey, and Alyssa I met all through mutual friends at church and they are without question some of the most fashionable, hilarious, and warm spirited humans around, ALL of them. And special thanks to Gatsby's Coffeehouse for the exquisite atmosphere!

Here's to natural light! 

emily l.

Emily and I were put in contact with each other through mutual friends, and holy moly am I glad they did, look at her! She was so sweet and cooperative while I was asking her to stand in mud and tall grass after all the rain we had a few weeks ago. Thank you Emily!

palo duro in august

One solid month ago, when Corina, Emily, Haley, Braxton and myself went to Palo Duro canyon to go on a hike in the ridiculous late August, West Texas heat. 

We drove two hours north to get to the canyon and hiked for about two hours, then stopped off at Braum's before driving back another two hours. It was a good time. At least the parts I can recall were anyway, I was pretty near a heat stroke at the end there, so I'm not a hundred percent sure I didn't wish ill upon the world for having such a high temperature in a concentrated area (I get really really red faced and angry when I'm hot, red partially from the anger perhaps, but mostly the heat). But in all sincerity, it was fun.

Here is photographic evidence that the events described above actually occurred. 

ceramics sale!

I have worked at a paint your own pottery studio for almost three years now, and during that time, I have painted many a birthday plate, "Merry Christmas Nana" mug, and the occasional Harry Potter "Lumos" light switch cover. In addition to the painting I do for others, I've had some time to make some of my own creations, and by golly they are piling up in my room. 

These are the current pieces I have that I am selling (and that are also featured in my ceramics section up top). I hope to in the very near future get a small kiln of my own and take on some custom orders, but for now, these are what I have to work with. 

The pieces were all ordered from wholesale companies, and hand painted by me and glazed and fired in our kiln to be food and dishwasher safe. 

The prices are below each image and if you are interested in any of them please let me know via email, or if you have my number feel free to text me!

blue cereal bowl - $15

red cereal bowl - $15

snooty coaster set - $20

tiny cats (can be used as bookends, paperweights, or just to be cute) - $10 each

food & drink set - $20

good morning, afternoon, evening, night plate set - $50

at the fair

The South Plains Fair is going on this week. I've gone to the fair just about every year of my life, and I look forward to it each one. I love it because it kicks off the season with the slight chill of autumn in the air and the sweet crispness of a relatively overpriced caramel apple. I know it's not the World's Fair or anything but I like it just the same. This year I went last night and the night before (one of them I had free tickets for thanks to my mom).

Here is the fun that was had during those two evenings with my dearest friends. 


As perviously stated in an earlier blog, I am going to be taking plenty of portraits of some dear friends for school. Here is Haley, a lovely tall drink of water with one of the kindest hearts around. Enjoy.


new york on film

I went to New York this summer for two months as an intern at an online art and design magazine called Redesign Revolution, and feel quite confident in saying it was one of the best adventures I've ever had. Like many young people, I have put New York City on such an outrageously high pedestal for its worldwide influence on virtually every major industry imaginable, most notably, for me, the overwhelming amount of art and pop cultural history and presence that engulfs each individual neighborhood. Probably the most special thing to me about this opportunity was being able to physically be where so many of my favorite movies were shot and images were taken. 

I will say that while I am fascinated by the modernity of the present day city, I found myself longing to be thrown back into the 1920s-60s era (kind of a wide range I know), because I've always been drawn to that time period for whatever reason. In my photo classes, I've had to shoot in both digital and film formats, and I must say, the feeling of film being ran through the camera after the click of the shutter is rather tantalizing, and the darkroom is oh so peaceful (most of the time, when it's three in the morning and you have to get four more prints done by the next day it can become a bit of a nuisance).

Long story short, I wanted to take some images with my film camera of the city in an effort to be like the great photographers of the past. I had only ever worked with black and white film because at school we don't have the chemistry for color, so I only shot one roll in color and two in black and white. I got them processed at a place on 39th and 5th ave. because I didn't want them to be damaged by the x-rays in airport security, and in all honesty, they did a terrible job with my scans. SO much contrast and there is a light leak from the scanner on the bottom/right of EVERY image. But whatever, I was able to semi-salvage some of them so I can live with it. I'm just glad I could practice the old way in such a timeless place.

34410021 copy.jpg

the first blog


I'll be finishing up my last semester at Tech this fall, so in the meantime, I'll be taking plenty of photos of delightful friends who have volunteered their beautiful faces for some shoots. Corina helped with the first of these on Labor Day, right before I had a bunch of people over at my house for a pancake party. It was a fun Labor Day.